Our Team

  • Dr. Steven Engle
    Steven Engle, DVM

    A graduate from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Steven Engle first practiced traditional veterinary medicine at Teigland, Franklin & Brokken DVM in Miami, FL.  While practicing in South Florida, Dr. Engle became interested in alternative equine therapies after completing the IVAS Acupuncture and the Options for Animals Chiropractic courses in 1995. 

    Dr. Engle values the positive reaction horses have to his practice.  As endorphins are released during treatment and a horse’s body pain is diminished, Dr. Engle feels gratified to be a part of that process.

    Married to showjumping legend Margie Goldstein-Engle, Dr. Steve Engle has the opportunity to practice in Wellington, FL for 6 months out of the year; he also travels to most of the shows his wife is participating in around the country from May until November.  In between his hectic work schedule, Dr. Engle enjoys a good round of poker and scuba diving.

    Dr. Engle is an integral part of EIVS, both as a mentor to young like-minded veterinarians and as a practitioner.

  • sean redman
    Sean Redman, DVM

    Sean Redman graduated in the Class of 2000 from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.  He practiced traditional veterinary medicine for 7 years, cultivating an interest in sports medicine for the equine athlete.  Recognizing a deficit in the availability of quality chiropractic care for horses, and having developed a keen interest in providing such treatment, Dr. Redman received certification from the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association in 2005.

    Dr. Redman appreciates his role in improving the comfort, performance and longevity of athletic horses and splits his time during the winter between Ocala, FL and Wellington, FL.  The summer season finds Dr. Redman traveling between Florida, New York and Kentucky.

    In his spare time, Dr. Redman enjoys running, cycling and swimming and spending time with his wife and three children all of whom are riders!

    Dr. Redman enjoys being part of EIVS for the collaboration with other practitioners and the sharing of knowledge for the benefit of the patient and his continued professional development.

  • jordan calabro
    Jordan Calabro, DVM

    Since graduating Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015, Dr. Jordan Calabro has focused on work in complementary medicine for sport horses. Prior to joining EIVS, she worked with a holistic equine practice in Wellington Florida.

    In 2016, Dr. Calabro completed the Equine Veterinary Medical Manipulation Practitioner certification at the Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute, and the Equine Acupuncture Course at the Chi Institute of TCVM.

    Dr. Calabro looks forward to working with other EIVS practitioners, and participating in an invaluable exchange of knowledge with our group of doctors.Her goal for her equine patients is to provide both immediate and long term pain relief and increased mobility, ultimately helping her patients to perform at their best.

    In her spare time, Dr. Calabro likes spending time at her family’s horse farm in Watermill, NY, where she rides her horse and helps with barn work. Additionally, Dr. Calabro enjoys hiking with her dog, snorkeling, and drawing in her sketchbook.

  • jen king
    Jen King, DVM

    A native of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Dr. King earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire in 1997 and a DVM degree from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. 

    Dr. King has attended multiple post-graduate educational programs in veterinary chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and has been utilizing CAVM since 2003. Dr. King works closely with our other practitioners in maintaining health and soundness, particularly in the care of our equine athletes. 

    Dr. King keeps busy in her spare time with two young daughters and enjoys gourmet cooking and gardening. An ideal day for Dr. King is spending time with her family anywhere outdoors!

  • bob emery
    Bob Emery, DVM

    Dr. Bob Emery integrates Western medicine, chiropractic care, and acupuncture with the philosophy of optimizing your horse’s health, healing and performance.  Dr. Emery received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Michigan State University in 1990. Since then, he has continued to enhance his education in order to provide the best service to animals in his care. He was certified in chiropractic in 2000 and acupuncture in 2002. 

    As a member of EIVS, Dr. Emery works with sport horses focusing on areas of lameness, chiropractic and acupuncture.

    Using his blend of ancient healing techniques along with modern technology, Dr. Emery strives to help horsemen prevent lameness in order to maintain optimal performance levels in their horses.